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We move from ambiguity to clarity, fast.

Our expertise

Emerson Blue is a creative consultancy born out of the desire to see ideas—ones that start as a seed of inspiration—come to life. We are a catalyst for C-suite executives, founders, and entrepreneurs to solve critical business challenges, whether for a brand, product or service, from within your organization. By combining strategy, design, and agile methodologies, we create a foundation to achieve actionable solutions to move forward for your team.

Brand Innovation

Whether you are a founder just getting started, or an established C-suite executive in a mature market, Emerson Blue can help you define and bring clarity to your brand vision so it can come to life. Together, we align on a strategy to create a unique and differentiated brand that:

  • Builds your brand culture and brings clarity of vision to everything you do.
  • Positions your business clearly and strategically in the market.
  • Cultivates internal alignment to manage your brand across all touch points. 
  • Tells a story, providing the emotional tie your customers will connect with.

Areas of Focus

  • Brand Vision & Clarity
  • Brand Expression
  • Core Attributes & Brand Story
  • Product Branding
  • Brand Voice & Vocabulary
  • Design Objectives & Creative Direction

Product & Business Innovation

Whether you are a business leader, or a corporate innovator, leading a team toward change and innovation provides the opportunity to help your organization bring future-forward insights into a tangible experience. Together, we will define business challenges, set goals, understand your customer and business context, and uncover where value lies for your product, service, or organization by:

  • Providing a framework to create or improve a technology product, service, or operational model.
  • Fostering speed and agility for cross-functional team alignment.
  • Establishing a unique and meaningful promise to your customers.
  • Defining the experience you want customers to have each time they engage with your product.

Areas of Focus

  • Product Innovation Sprint
  • Business Innovation Sprint
  • Team Culture and Operations Sprint
  • Opportunity Sprint
  • Creative Direction Sprint
  • Brand Sprint

“Emerson Blue helped us go through a 2-month product ideation phase within 2 days.
We are now very confident about the path we have taken and are armed with the tools to move forward!”

Eric Boucher
Co-founder & CEO, OVIO
our approach

It all comes together—in a sprint.

The concept is simple: start with a big idea and get all the right people aligned around it. Give the team a time-boxed set of creative exercises where they can understand the challenge, then generate a mass of potential solutions.

How is this achievable?
We use a “sprint” which is an intensive innovation workshop that takes place remotely with your distributed team. The process allows for rapidly solving business challenges, compressing months of work into days of innovation. 

Why do we like sprint workshops?
Because the agile workshop approach fosters decision making, sustainable alignment, solutions, and a plan to move forward—in a short amount of time.


Understand opportunities and define your challenge.


Build your roadmap to design prototypes for feedback.


Create hypothesis to decide on a clear vision and solution.


Position your business for its next phase of growth.


“Anne was instrumental when building a messaging platform and exploring concrete examples of how our narrative would play out in branding. It was a pleasure working with her!”

Lauren Peters Lague
Senior Director of creative Strategy, Salesforce
who we are

Enjoy the journey.

Emerson Blue originated out of the desire to see ideas come to life. We look at a product, service, brand or business challenge in a new light, dream of the unexpected, and let go of any preconceived notions of “what could be” to make something amazing—together.

In two decades of working in brand, marketing, and design, I saw too many ideas for innovation get lost in red tape, overshadowed by the day-to-day priorities that stole our focus away from the bigger picture. The process for innovation doesn’t have to be frustrating, and our ideas don’t have to get lost. By carving out dedicated space and a discrete time frame, we have the freedom to work through our ideas, discover new insights, and let the untold stories of our business come through.

At Emerson Blue, we start with a seed of an idea, we set the tone for growth, and most importantly, we create a plan to keep it thriving in the future. 

The process is a journey, let's enjoy it.

Anne Donnard
Founder & Executive Creative Director
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“Emerson Blue's brand process enabled me to own a vision for my brand, allowing us to move forward with clarity, direction, and confidence.”

Pamela Conrad
Founder, Climate Positive Design